Artectosteoma's Watch - Theyre Coming To Take Me Away


Can't wait

My husband-to-be lives in the other side of the world and we still don't know when we can finally be on the same continent. I keep busy with my stuff and so does he, so it's like we live in parallel universes. I miss him very much and I miss Australia, where he lives. I can't wait to move there and start a new life. When I get there I will start my own business, and I will also keep writing and working with my designs. We also have plans to start something together. I'm very excited about all this, ...

Renting a castle

I own a chateau in France at the moment. I don't live there much though, so I'm renting it to people who wants to try and live there. It's kind of a vacation place sort of say. It's really huge which is really cool. But it's to huge for me to live in by myself, so I live in a smaller place. But the customers really like this castle actually. They say it feels like being in a fairytale or something. I'm really glad that they like it. Some have come back more times also.